Speaker Ryan Should Have Ended the Democrat's "Pout-In" the Moment It Started

Earlier today, the Democrats staged a “sit-in” that that would have put the screeching social justice college students to shame.

As I said before, this isn’t a daycare where grown children can throw tantrums on the floor for not getting their way, it’s where the most powerful nation on the planet makes decisions. It’s just embarrassing. Not only for Democrats, but for all of us.


Thankfully, CSPAN took the camera off them and spared everyone from the pout-fest that the elected officials turned wannabe occupiers were forcing on the world. This of course angered them, as it would any attention seekers that throw tantrums.

The GOP cutting the cameras is a wise move, and altogether paltry compared to the actions Nancy Pelosi took in 08′ against Republicans when they shut off the lights and microphones, and restricted press access while the GOP was speaking against Pelosi not allowing a vote for offshore drilling. 

The difference here is the GOP was handling the situation as elected officials, not toddlers. They didn’t sit down on the floor like spoiled children denied a toy. They revolted, yes, but it didn’t look like something you’d see out of Nanny 911. 


If Democrats feel the need to complain, they should remember they have zero legs to stand on…though, I guess standing is the wrong word to use here.  Thing is, this isn’t a good look for us. It’s one thing to revolt, it’s another to broadcast the leaders of the free world throwing self-satisfying sulk-fests on the literal floor.

This is a time to show the world that Republicans, and the right wing as a whole, mean business. The moment the Democrats began to take a seat, Paul Ryan should have signaled for the Sargent at Arms to have the floor cleared. It’s within his power, and a part of his duty, “to preserve order and decorum.” 

Speaker Ryan should not only have the floor cleared, but he should scold – on camera – the offending Democrats who have embarrassed us all.  So what is he waiting for? If Ryan wants to really show that he’s not the rollover squish his predecessor was, then he should take action now, and have that floor cleared of this ridiculous display.  

I’ll remind everyone that this sit in is about hampering rights from citizens. This isn’t about the people actually killing us, but about punishing citizens for the heinous atrocities our enemies commit upon us.


Might as well show Americans that you’re on their side and get on it, Ryan. 

(Photo Credit: The geniuses on the social media team at the Washington Free Beacon)


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