WATCH: Diane Feinstein Says You Should Be Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Former head of the Intelligence Committee – for some reason – Diane Feinstein has never been shy about her willingness to strip rights away from American citizens. Specifically gun rights. Now, her new idea puts her at a new low, and one any American should take note of, whether left or right.

Feinstein has a bill which essentially makes any person on its secret terrorist watch list unable to practice their Second Amendment right, with zero due process. No trial, or formal charges need to be pressed. The government says you are a suspected terrorist, and suddenly your right to bear arms is gone.

But when asked about our due process rights, Feinstein only smiled and told us that we can petition the government in an attempt to prove our innocence.

Watch below.

Essentially, Feinstein thinks you should be guilty until you can prove to the government that you’re otherwise.

Feinstein said during Face the Nation that this bill would have stopped the Orlando shooting. While it is probably not true – as Mateen could have just gotten his gun illegally, as most criminals do – this kind of bill is ripe for abuse.

I’d also like to remind everyone that it wasn’t long ago that the DHS was labeling Tea Partiers and veterans as likely terrorists after Obama’s election to office. If for any reason the government decides to punish, or weaken its detractors, all it has to do is say they suspect them of terrorism, and that’s that. There needn’t be any trial.

But what makes this bill even more terrifying is the fact that this opens the door for so much government overreach, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Why stop at 2A?

Back in December of last year, Trey Gowdy asked an interesting question about this list depriving citizens of gun rights. His line of questioning gives rise to a very interesting line of thought. If they can do this to 2A, what other amendments in the bill of rights can they attempt to do this to?

Guilty until proven innocent is far too dangerous of a concept for us to toy with.