Loretta Lynch's Stance On Orlando Is Going to Get More People Killed

Love, unity, and identity politics will save us. That’s pretty much the message I got from Loretta Lynch’s platitude filled, preach-fest in Orlando that did absolutely nothing to make the community that she was addressing feel any safer.


“Our most effective response to hatred and terror, is compassion, it’s unity, and it’s love.” she said near the end of a speech that said a lot without saying the thing needed.

I think if we were to look at history, we’d find that love, compassion, and unity haven’t killed one jihadist throughout all of time. Maybe unity, but that unity usually came in the form of squad tactics, and fire team formations.

Let me set the record straight for the LGBT community, who according to reports have already figured this out, but I’ll say it anyway. Love, diversity, and your identity as gays, lesbians, or transexuals isn’t going to stop an Islamic terrorist from brutally murdering you and your friends. It didn’t stop them from murdering over 100 people in Paris, and it didn’t stop them from murdering 3,000 Americans during 9/11.

Hugging one another, viral hashtags, and your identity as a gay or lesbian won’t stop a man who has dedicated his life to ending yours.

#LoveWins won’t win unless you’re willing to shoot back at the people who have turned their guns on you, but this first means recognizing who has you in their crosshairs. Loretta Lynch won’t do that. In fact, Lynch declared that those using anti-Muslim speech that “edges toward violence” will be prosecuted.

She sure as hell is not facing the obvious facts already present that prove the Orlando shooting was inspired by Islam.


Lynch, and the rest of the Obama administration, along with a complicit media, are going to get more people killed with this politically correct nonsense that refuses to recognize the threat that is not just at our doorstep, but already shooting up the house from within. But we don’t need Obama, or Lynch, or politicians to stop us from defending ourselves. Everyone, especially the LGBT community, should be familiarizing themselves with gun laws, and investing in a firearm. This will go a long way to making you safer, because no one is going to be able to look after your safety better than you. Not Lynch, not Obama, not Officer McFriendly. Educate and arm yourself. At this point, you almost don’t have a choice if you want protection from your enemy.


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