Stop Using the Dead In Orlando to Push Your Agenda

Like everyone else in America, and even the world over, I’m equal parts angry, and heartbroken. A man walked into a night club and began shooting at innocent people. By the time he was done, 49 people were dead, with many more injured.


When I saw the news break on Sunday that there was a mass shooting, my heart sunk. When I heard it was another Daesh supporter, I was filled with rage. I wanted to unite with my fellow Americans in grief, and swear vengeance on those who take credit for it.

But I got online and saw none of this. In fact I saw the exact opposite. I saw people blaming Christians. I saw people blaming the NRA. I saw people blaming guns. I saw people blaming the American culture. I saw people using it to generate sympathy for this cause, or another. Sometimes using it to put the attention on themselves.

What I didn’t see was people uniting against a common enemy. What I saw was people turning against each other. All I could do was stay out of it the best I could, and go on with the rest of my Sunday spending a bit of time with my family.

It’s horrible how this country treats the dead as helpful tools. We don’t mourn them. We don’t show respect. Every tragedy is prime soil for someone’s agenda. The blood isn’t even given time to dry before someone is raising their flag over the bodies.

Even our leaders do it. Obama wasted little time getting in front of cameras to mention how it’s too easy to get a gun to shoot people. Both frontrunners refused to leave campaign mode, as Donald Trump congratulated himself out of the corner of his mouth in a tweet on being right. He continued by reaming Obama for not saying “radical Islam,” and told Hillary that if she couldn’t say it that she should withdraw from the race. Hillary’s camp responded by a spox saying that Trump is offering nothing but “weak platitudes,” and that America is looking for better leadership than what he can offer.


Why they felt to need to bring each other up during this time speaks more to their overt wille zur macht than their ability to lead. Americans are dead, and all they can think about is an oval office.

What if one of us were among the dead during such an atrocity? I just think that if anyone walked into a place where we were enjoying ourselves, and took our lives, people wouldn’t stop to mourn our death. We’d just become another statistic. Another number to pad a claim. A talking point for a narrative.

They would use us as a weapon to push an agenda. Those who would otherwise stop and mourn our passing wouldn’t have the time to grieve, as they would be forced to defend their rights. Your killer’s motives would be shunned in favor of using you as a prop.

And that’s the way it usually goes. As dirty as we feel arguing politics during a time of tragedy, many of us have no choice but to run defense. The moment a gun goes off, many of us a forced to prep the barricades as politicians, media figures, and activists lead angry people on a quest to find someone to blame.

During shootings such as this they come banging down the usual doors. “It’s the NRA!” shouts the activist. “It’s our gun laws!” shouts the Democrat. “It’s homophobia!” shouts the activist. “It’s the Christians!” shouts the bigots.

And so we rise to defend ourselves. Feeling slightly dirty that we have to talk politics as a family deals with the emotional impact of learning that their son or daughter isn’t coming home ever again. We defend the walls as we point to the voices, shouting loud and clear, yet being ignored.


“It was us!” shouts Islamic radicalism. “We wanted this! We’ll do it again, and soon!”

The NRA didn’t do this. This is an organization that fights for the freedom to own and carry firearms, but also promotes responsibility, and knowledge. They would never condone such an attack, and

The gun owning public isn’t to blame. If gun owners across America were as violent as the activists like to say, then you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without seeing bodies littering the block. In fact, many American gun owners are just as horrified, and wished they could have been there to stop it.

It’s not homophobia, nor is it the “Christian right” who may not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but would never wish harm on anyone who lived it. In fact, I just heard that Christians, and right-wing leaders went to donate blood.

This is the fault of an ideology that thinks it’s fun to throw gays off the top of buildings. Who rapes women, then stones them to death for adultery. This is an ideology that murders, pillages, and subjugates everything it touches. What’s more, they’re proud and open about this.

The Orlando shooter was of these people. A man who hates every gay, straight, Christian, gun owner, activist, Democrat, Republican, white, black, social justice warrior, and red hat alike. He falls in line with a whole host of other shooters, bombers, and stabbers who are also only too proud to tell you who they stand with and what they stand for. A group of people who have sworn to continue killing and murdering until we submit, or are dead.


Radical Islam is the cause. Daesh is our enemy. There is no if, ands, or buts about it. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to use you as a tool for an agenda.

If we really want to see fewer dead Americans, we need to start putting the blame where it belongs. Not making this an issue about what your neighbor believes or owns, but putting the focus on those who wish to have it.


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