Nancy Pelosi Says Government Invented the iPhone

In the progressive left spirit of “You Didn’t Build That,” Nancy Pelosi was banging the drum of big government as per the usual, when she said something so inaccurate I actually laughed out loud.


Ladies and gentlemen, with a straight face, Nancy Pelosi claimed that the government invented the most popular cellphone in the world.

“Anybody here have a smartphone? In this smartphone, almost everything came from federal investments and research. GPS, created by the military, flatscreens, LLD , digital camera, wireless data compression, research into metal alloys for strength and lightweight, voice recognition – the list goes on and on….

They say Steve Jobs did a good idea designing it and putting it together. Federal research invented it.”

Don’t believe me? You can watch the words actually come out of her mouth here.

As far as history rewrites go, this is probably one of the more bold attempts by the left. Usually they try it with stuff that happened decades ago, but something that happened just 8 years ago?

The punchline is that Pelosi is taking credit for big government because some of the part used in the iPhone came about through the help of federally funded research. She was given information pertaining to the importance of federal research, but misconstrued this to mean government is responsible.


From TechWorm

An Association for the Advancement of Science in America (AAAS) spokeswoman clarified to CNET that an infographic prepared by Association of American Universities was being misconstrued by Pelosi. She said that the infographic only demonstrated the importance of federally funded research and its contribution to some of the technology elements of the iPhone. The spokeswoman added that Congresswoman Pelosi was mistaken in her reference to AAAS.

In other words, Steve Jobs took some of the parts and components that had arrived on the scene with the help of federal aid and research, combined them and others together to form a phone no one had ever seen before.

Without a doubt, Steve Jobs and Apple invented the iPhone. There is no two ways about it. Apple did build that. Nice try Pelosi.


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