VIDEO: Is Google Rigging AutoComplete Searches In Favor Of Clinton's Campaign?

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The same search engine company that can’t bring itself to honor our fallen veterans – or even acknowledge that it’s Easter with a picture of a bunny or something – seems to be playing dirty with its search recommendations.


And not just when it comes to little things. We’re talking about Google rigging autocomplete search topics during the presidential race, and doing so to make sure Hillary Clinton, in particular, comes off as an angel by lying to you about how often people search about her criminal history.

SourceFed recently released a YouTube video detailing exactly what Google is up to when it comes to their bias toward Clinton, and back up the info by comparing it to searches done on the other two candidates, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

The resulting evidence is pretty damning.

Let me be clear here. It is highly likely that the largest search engine in the west is manipulating search suggestions to see to it that negative articles and subjects regarding Clinton are seen as little as possible.

As discussed in the video, there are 8 times more searches for “Clinton’s indictment” than the recommendation Google gives you, which is “Clinton India.” However, this does not happen under other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, which follows the basic rule of putting the most searched for results at the top.

Google’s bias here is very obvious, and while they may not be breaking any laws by rigging the search auto-complete bar, it’s still unethical, especially when it comes to swaying a large swath of the public who trust the search engine to give them the facts.


This isn’t the first time Google has been accused either, as India’s (go figure) Competition Commission has raised issue with the way Google handles search results in the past, when it comes to businesses. And they aren’t the only ones.

From the Search Engine Journal:

In addition to the Competition Commission of India, companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Nokia’s maps division have also filed similar concerns.

There are around 30 companies in total that have made private comments to the Commission on whether they believe Google is abusing its position as market leader.

This also raises the question of what else Google is rigging the auto-complete function to do on other subjects. With this story, it’s likely we’ll discover a lot more examples of Google rigging what you see in the future.

Update: Google’s Denial


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