Birds of a Feather: Venezuela's President Endorses Sanders

It’s always good to hear totalitarian dictators weigh in on our presidential elections. There’s nothing like hearing the wisdom of faraway leaders who can’t feed their own people when it comes to matters of state here in America.


You’ll recall that our North Korean friend who consistently blames us for all his country’s troubles and says he’ll nuke us the moment his Amiga is done booting up, Kim Jong Un, gave a glowing endorsement to Donald Trump.

And why shouldn’t he? They seem to have a mutual respect for one another.

But there are other dictators who want to get in on that endorsement action. This time around, it comes from down south, and from the country that’s going to implode any minute now.

Proving that birds of a feather do indeed flock together, Nicolas Maduro, the current President of Venezuela, says that he is a Bernie Sanders is the leader for the US. Maduro believes that if the elections in America were truly free, Sanders would be president. The only thing holding him back is a rigged system, one that is assuring a Trump presidency.

Watch below.


Of course, if you were to ask Sanders about Venezuela, and the effects the socialist ideals that he and Maduro share, Sanders will do his best to avoid the question. You’ll recall he did so during a cringeworthy interview with Univision.

The embarrassing part of this, and the reason Sanders booked it in the opposite direction of the question, is the fact that Venezuela’s socialist system has caused the country to run out of everything, and I mean everything. There’s no medicine, electricity is scarce, even businesses have closed their doors due to the shortages of materials caused by the system.

You can read more in detail here.

But hey! Congrats to Sanders for this ringing endorsement. It’s no Kim Jong Un, but the leader of a failed state’s approval is what really matters here.


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