Trump University Instructed Recruiters To Target Single Parents

Amid the myriad of shadiness that is Trump University, a little snippet was found in the recruitment playbook that made the entire situation go from a bad scheme, to just downright heinous.


According to documents, Trump University recruiters were instructed to hit single parents with multiple children.

The recruiters were encouraged not to sell thoughts, but feelings, as people are much more willing to buy something based off of how they feel at the moment. A struggling single parent with hungry children would be an easy mark in this case.

“You have built the Dreams,” it says the playbook. “They have seen the pain in their financial situation and have committed to make a change…They will begin to sell themselves to us; they will be climbing, ever closer to the peak of the emotional roller coaster.”

A parent wanting desperately to feed their kids will go to great lengths to do so, making them a scam artist’s dream.

While the unsealed Trump U documents reveal a lot of shady tactics and methods, this is by far the most outrageous that I’ve seen. Recruiters were asked to sell by any means necessary no matter how sleazy the method.

Below are a couple of the arguments recruiters would likely face, and the answers they should give in return. You’ll notice they’re feeding on the emotions of the person by holding up wealth, riches, and the mark’s own pride.


I don’t like using my credit cards and going into debt: “[D]o you like living paycheck to paycheck? … Do you enjoy seeing everyone else but yourself in their dream houses and driving their dreams cars with huge checking accounts? Those people saw an opportunity, and didn’t make excuses, like what you’re doing now.”

I’m going to try this on my own: “The risk isn’t spending 35K – it’s entering into the world of REAL ESTATE without specialized knowledge, guidance and trained professionals in the field holding your hand. WE are the safe decision. Fear is preventing you from investing in yourself.”

Trump U made around $40 Million from 10,000 people before shutting down in 2011, and judging by the way many blindly follow him now, I can see how he did it. The appeal to fears and emotions, the vague promises of a brighter future if you just give him what he wants.

As in Trump University, so it is with his campaign.

If Trump University is any indication of how the Trump presidency will go, then we’re all going to feel as duped as many of the poor souls who were taken in by the Trump U program.


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