Don't Trust Trump's NRA Backed Promises

“Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.”

It’s a phrase nerds know that keeps going through my head when I see promises made, and statements stated, and many words from good brains are spoken during the general election. While technically Trump isn’t the Republican nominee yet, the reality is that he’s the last man standing, and now he has Hillary to face.


So with a good chunk of the Republican party now AWOL due to promising that they’ll never vote for an authoritarian with an anger problem, Trump is left to do what he can to pad his voting base. He can approach disaffected Bernie voters, but it might not be enough.

He needs to win back would be Republican voters.

So of course he’s going to get up on a stage provided by the much Republican loved NRA, and say words that even make me turn and look at him fondly. It’s great to hear that we won’t have any more gun free zones. It’s cool to hear someone say that they’ll fight for 2A tooth and nail. He scratched every itch a gun rights loving person could want scratched.

As a man who loves his guns, and think they’re a key to a prosperous and safe civilization, Trump’s promises are like whipped cream on a chocolate dipped strawberry.

But as our own Susan Wright pointed out, many of these promises ring hollow. This is the same man who supported a gun ban before it was politically inconvenient to do so. This is a man who was in full agreement with Obama when it came to Newtown.

Let’s remember that this is the same Trump that declared every one of his promises were merely suggestions. Everything from his SCOTUS picks, to his Muslim ban, to his ev-er-y-thing.


If we didn’t believe him about his sudden right-wing-swing from his leftism before, we sure as shoot (pun intended) shouldn’t believe his words when spoken in front of a huge NRA screen. His “gun free zone” promise is worth just as much as everything else he’s promised, and walked back on, so far.

As I said, this is the general now, despite it not being officially yet. Trump will say whatever is necessary to make any ex-Republicans return in order to cement his seat of power.

Remember, “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.”

I think Bruce Carrol summed it up nicely.


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