Flip-Flops Galore: Trump Now Saying Banning Muslims Was "Just a suggestion"

Now that he’s the only guy in the race, Trump is free to walk back whatever he wants, and man is he taking advantage of the freedom.

The latest thing he’s now softening on was a promise that attracted many a supporter to his cause in the first place. You’ll recall the pledge he made to ban all muslims? It was a headline grabbing media sensation that had everyone talking, and many nodding their heads in agreement.


Here he is saying “we have no choice” to a cheering crowd as he reads his position as reported by an outlet.

It was a position that other Republicans, including Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, felt the need to step out and denounce it. Not only was it a ridiculous idea that would never fly, it was against the very American values we uphold. Instituting religious tests? Can we close that door once it’s open?

Well, now Trump now doesn’t seem to have the same gumption as Trump then. Surprised? By now, I hope not.

As reported by Fox News, Trump is now stating that his ban the muslims pledge was just a suggestion.

‘We have a serious problem, it’s a temporary ban, it hasn’t been called for yet, nobody’s done it, this is just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on,’ said Trump.

Those who supported Trump for his hard stances must now live with the fact that “hard stance” does not mean the same thing to Trump as it does to anyone else. Regardless, this will likely be written off as Trump playing politics until he can assume power and come through with every promise that ever left his lips.


How he’ll do that without breaking constitutional law is anyone’s guess, but one thing they should ask themselves is that if Trump is willing to soften an issue thought so important by his followers, then how effective of a leader do they figure he’ll be? If he’s not willing to to carry through on a promise he claims he has no choice in, what’s left to believe?

Cult on, I guess.




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