WATCH: Ben Howe Schools Trump Spox On Her Hypocrisy

Just when I thought Kayleigh McEnany was a one trick – you’re not a conservative if you don’t vote Trump – pony, she goes and shows and surprises me with a new bit that is probably lamer than the first. 


Regardless, she tried to pull this new act on our own Ben Howe, who was having none of it.

“I don’t think it’s responsible to come on national TV and paint him as a maniac,” said McEnany in defense of her maniac boss. “Because that’s just not true…”

“I just want to be clear.” said Howe. “I’m held to a higher standard that Donald Trump. Is that how this works? I’m held to a higher standard than Donald Trump? He goes on national TV all the time, and says unbelievably unforgivable things, but I’m the one who needs to reserve myself. I want to make sure that’s what’s going on here.”

Watch the fun.

Howe’s right. Trump and his supporters can take their weak Alinksy rule 4 game somewhere else. We’re not going for it. We’ve been doing this a lot longer than you have…McEnany.



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