BFFs Trump and NBC Spent 11 Years Turning Trump Into Presidential Material

How often did you hear from the Trump camp that he was a media outsider? That they hated him? That it’s one of his biggest opponents.

Well, as usual the Trump camp is wrong, or lying, or both.


Once again the MRC has found some interesting details regarding how the media interacts with Trump, specifically NBC, who has had more than a relationship with Trump than hosting his reality TV show, The Apprentice.

As it turns out, from 2004-2015, NBC has run a grand total of 335 stories about Trump and only 15 of them were negative. This makes NBC’s coverage of Trump 21 times more positive than negative. Even when it was negative, however, there was a problem.

‘NBC’s relationship with Trump was mutually beneficial, and fraught with ethical problems. Even when the network covered The Donald’s business shortcomings, NBC failed to disclose its business partnerships with him. NBC also outright advertised (complete with prices) his and his daughter Ivanka’s businesses, and engaged in activities that jeopardized its credibility as an impartial news organization.’

On top of that, during its reporting on Trump, NBC has failed to disclose it’s ties with the presumptive GOP nominee, including the fact that it donated over $500,000 to the Trump foundation. Ethical violations like this are something lesser news outlets have been busted for in the past by consumers.

But that’s not all. As it turns out, NBC was more than enthusiastic about a Trump presidential run.


‘Before the 2012 presidential election, NBC boosted Trump as a presidential candidate and depicted him as a political “power broker.” Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush took Trump to the polls way back in 2004 and described him as, “The next President of the United States Donald Trump.” After a man asked Trump about running for president, Bush shouted, “Write him in,” and later asked a poll worker how many people were writing-in Trump on their ballots. Bush even told a man that while his vote was just “one vote,” Trump’s vote was “giant.”’

All things considered, the Trump camp has zero leg to stand on when it comes to the claim that the mainstream media hates Donald Trump. They clearly don’t, and are willing to massive amounts of money up in order to make sure the guy is well liked, and well exposed to the public. So much for the idea that he’s an establishment outsider who fights the MSM.

Trump isn’t an expert at handling the media, the media is an expert at handling Trump.



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