Ted Cruz Responds to Caitlyn Jenner and Hammers Trump On Political Correctness

Ted Cruz had some hard hitting words for Donald Trump during an interview on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper.

During the interview, Tapper ran a clip of Caitlyn Jenner – once known as Bruce Jenner – going into a Trump hotel to use the women’s restroom. During the clip, Jenner thanks Donald Trump for allowing him to use the women’s restroom, then says “by the way Ted, no one got molested.”


Cruz, of course, was not going to let that narrative fly.

“Frankly, the concern is not the Caitlyn Jenner’s of the world.” says Cruz. “But if the law is such that any man, if he feels like it, can go in a women’s restroom and you can’t ask him to leave, that opens the door for predators.”

Indeed, many who resist the laws for allowing men in women’s restrooms, including this website, have stated from the beginning that this was not about transgender people at all, but about those who would take advantage of the laws that would allow them to claim transgenderism to gain access to women.

But correcting the record wasn’t all Cruz wanted to do, he wanted drag Trump kicking and screaming into the light about his positions about the issue.

“He’s pretending to be an outsider when he’s the ultimate Washington insider. And you know, his whole schtick is that he tells it like it is, he speaks the truth, and yet he also told us he could be the most politically correct person on Earth.” said Cruz. “This is the height of political correctness for Donald Trump to say “yes, let grown men into the bathroom with little girls.”

This isn’t first time Cruz has hit Trump on his not so well hidden political correctness. In fact, it seems Cruz may have found an unlooked for chink in Trump’s armor, as he attacked Trump for his political correctness in a video not long ago.


But Cruz went for the combo, and had one more hit to send Trump’s way.

“You know who I feel the worst for?” said Cruz. “I feel the worst for Donald’s supporters who believe his role, but everyday as he gets closer to the nomination he starts tasking his mask off, and behind the mask is Hillary Clinton.”

“That’s quite an image.” said Tapper.

“It’s a terrifying image.” admitted Cruz. “But there’s a reason he’s given seven contributions to Hillary.”

You can watch the interview below. The relevant footage begins at 5:37.


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