Bill Maher Says 'Alarmism' and 'Extremism' Is Okay For Climate Change Activism

The church of Climatism is no stranger to saying and doing wild things to make sure their religion is accepted by one and all.

Bill Maher is one such fool, and proved it when talk shifted to global warming on his show Real Time. Maher’s token conservative voice was National Review’s Charles C. Cooke, who of course had all guns turned on him when the topic came up. Regardless of being outnumbered, and performing under a hostile audience that would applaud one of the many leftists if they so much as sniffed in his direction, Cooke handled himself brilliantly.


As with any Maher production, the clip is rife with eye-roll-worthy moments. Lesley Stahl complained about deniers not even wanting to have a conversation about climate, completely dismissing the climate alarmist’s rallying cry, “the debate is over!” Maher even caused the audience to applaud vigorously when he announced Obama’s greatest victory in the fight against climate change was causing the largest coal company in America to go bankrupt, giving no thought to the hundreds of jobs this cost Americans.

But at one point, Van Jones steered the topic into the stupidity of the right for confusing weather for climate. Cooke responded by pointing out that anything the right does foolishly, the left does better.

‘I think this goes both ways, too. Whenever anything bad happens, there is a tendency on the left as well to say “this must be climate change.”‘ said Cooke. ‘And the oceanographers always saying “Calm down, guys. You’re misleading people.” So yes of course that happens. People mistake weather for climate. But there is an alarmism here that doesn’t do any service to people on the left.’

Maher responded to Cooke with nothing less than the church demands.

‘Alarmism is called for.’ said Maher, to an applauding crowd. ‘Extremism in defense of the planet is no vice.’


Watch the interaction below. The relevant bit starts at 3:19.

The delusion Maher is under to lead him to believe that extremism is okay is more common than we think. This is the same delusion that shouts that the debate on climate change is over – it’s not. It’s the same delusion that makes it seem reasonable for people to suggest that imprisonment and punishment for people who don’t agree with them is okay – it’s not. It’s the same delusion that makes people think that government control is the only way to stop planetary ruination – it’s not.

If Maher has any sense, he’ll retract his words before he inspires some climate nutcase to actually do something extreme, whether it’s damaging property, or getting someone hurt.


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