New Video by Family Research Council Blasts Hypocritical Corporations Condemning North Carolina Bathroom Law

In the midst of all the back and forth on the transgender bathroom laws passed by North Carolina, the Family Research Council and North Carolina Family Policy Council has stepped into the fray and delivered a one-two punch that puts the corporations that virtue signal against the law on their rears.

It started with a rally on Monday that invited people to show up and show their support for bathroom laws that keep men out of the women’s restrooms, also known as HB2.

From the NCFPC website:

“As most of you know, in past few weeks we have come under the attack of national special interest groups who are determined to make an example out of North Carolina. They want to force North Carolina to embrace their radical left-wing agenda. North Carolina has led the way in standing up to these special interest groups, and now we are paying the price. Other states are watching us to see if these groups can be stopped.”

The rally was a major success, as you can see from this photo.

The opposition also showed up to protest HB2, but did not have near the capacity as the those in support. As you can see, however, it did get a good deal of media attention.


But that’s not all the Family Research Council did. In a video intended to coincide with the rally, the FRC blasted the corporations who condemned North Carolina after HB2’s passage, pointing out their blatant hypocrisy. These corporations, such as PayPal, HP, and Coca-Cola have all lambasted North Carolina, but at the same time, are doing business with countries that jail, and even kill homosexuals just for being homosexual.

Watch here.

FRC is on point. We’ve covered in the past those such as PayPal withdrawing from NoCo, despite having an HQ in Singapore, where being gay is a crime. Even celebrities, such as Bruce Springsteen operate under music labels that do business in countries where they outright kill LGBT members.

Hat’s off to the Family Research Council, and NCFPC for standing up to the bullies, and standing with those who won’t be pushed around.