Sarah Palin's PAC Embarrasses Itself Yet Again

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Not long ago we reported that Sarah Palin’s PAC, SarahPAC, was sending out emails that referenced how important they were to getting certain politicians elected. In order to prove the point, they name dropped a few politicians.


Interestingly, one of the primary examples they used was Ted Cruz, the very guy who is closing the gap on her chosen one, Donald Trump. In fact, her previous email, which was sent out in March, didn’t mention Trump one time.

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Interesting that “conservatives like Ted Cruz” was her aim in the email, and “definitely not Cruz,” was her message during stump speeches.

But it gets better. The latest email I received from SarahPAC, however, drops any mention of Cruz whatsoever. In fact, it attempts to tell me there’s a conspiracy to take victory from Trump.

“These highly paid, arrogant, political operatives are bent on stealing the nomination from Donald Trump at the convention.” it says in the email. “If they do this, voters will rise up in anger.”

That last sentence probably isn’t the safest phrase to use, with Trump’s campaign receiving flack for being violent. Regardless, Palin no longer seems intent on pretending about Cruz.

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Here’s the fun part, though. In the email, it also mentions Col. Rob Maness in Louisiana who is facing the “establishment.”

However, it wasn’t but last June in 2014 that Donald Trump was speaking out against Maness, because he was afraid that during an election, Maness would take votes from establishment candidate Bill Cassidy, who proposed an Obamacare inspired plan Louisiana.


Trump was afraid that Maness was stealing votes from Cassidy, but as per the usual, Trump didn’t understand how elections in that state worked. reported that Maness’ campaign manager released a statement, responding to Trump.

Maness’ campaign manager, Michael D. Bryne, told LaPolitics that Trump doesn’t understand Louisiana’s unique primary system.  In the Bayou state, all candidates — Democratic and Republican — run against each other on election day. If no one receives over 50 percent of the vote, then the top two candidates — who can be from the same party — face each other in a runoff.

So not only did Palin use Cruz, whom she’s helping campaign against, she’s now using Maness, whom Trump spoke out against in favor of an establishment candidate.

The slowest of claps for Sarah Palin, and SarahPAC.



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