WATCH: Ted Cruz Fires At Trump about his violent campaign - "He seems to think he's Michael Corleone."

Cruz didn’t hold back when he called into the Dana Show on the Blaze, Tuesday to discuss Trump, and his follower’s behavior. He didn’t just say it was inexcusable, he pointed out how Trump is a lot like Barack Obama in tactics, and a lot like a psycho in behavior.

“Donald Trump has always demonstrated what, I think, the psychiatrists call “projection.” Which is whatever they’re doing, they immediately accuse everyone else of doing.” Cruz told Loesch. “…someone else who does the same thing is Barack Obama. It’s a pattern of leftists.”

Cruz goes on to give examples.

“Donald Trump calls everyone a liar. That everyone in the race is a liar. He loves doing that, and yet, Donald can say three different things in the course of a day, each of which is contradictory to the thing he just said previously.”

This behavior has been discussed before, by none other than our own, Caleb Howe. Tuesday morning, Caleb detailed the nature of the Trump campaign in this article here. I highly suggest you read the whole of it, as Caleb speaks to who the true projectionist is.

Does that sound familiar to you? If you have been following politics at all for the last few years it should. It’s all the rage. And no one is better at it (or at rage, come to think of it) than the Trump campaign. But not out of some psychological disorder … wait let me rephrase that, not just out of some psychological disorder, but deliberately and with malice aforethought. Take, for example, the recent accusation that the Cruz campaign is using “Gestapo tactics.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle a Nazi.

Caleb is spot on in his observation, which undoubtedly was picked up by Cruz, who noticed the same thing.

“Roger Stone has blatantly, publicly intimidated delegates. He threatened them with the prospect of rabid Trump fans coming to their hotel rooms to ensure that Trump’s will is done. His supporters online, as they do, have quintupled down on that and are handing out home addresses, on Twitter and on blogs and on Facebook. That is intimidation. That is making threats. That is Gestapo.”

Cruz went on to give Dana his take on the whole situation regarding the fear tactics used by Trump’s people.

“Donald Trump seems to think he’s Michael Corleone.” said Cruz. “That if any voter, or any delegate doesn’t support Donald Trump, he’s just going to bully them, and threaten them. I don’t know if the next thing we’re going to see, is voters or delegates waking up with horse’s heads in their beds.”

“I think Donald needs to renounce this incitement of violence. He needs to stop asking his supporter at rallies to punch protestors in the face.” said Cruz. “And he needs to fire the people responsible. He needs to denounce Manafort, and Roger Stone, and his campaign team that is encouraging violence, and he needs to stop doing it himself.”

Watch the video below.