Are 1 in 5 Women Raped At College? Not Even Close.

I have to hand it to Prager University. They’re work in explaining subjects so that anyone can understand them is both educational and entertaining. If they were left leaning, they’d be shown to students in classrooms across the globe.

PragerU has been one of the hardest hitting YouTube channels when it comes to debunking various claims feminists, and social justice advocates like throw up into the mainstream. They’ve debunked the gender wage gap, exposed the war on boys, and the dangers of belief in social justice.

This week, however, they decided to tackle the much repeated myth of the 1 in 5 campus rape claim that has been circulating within editorials, and quoted often as a statistic by everyone from Tumblr users, to the Vice President of the United States.

Watch Caroline Kitchens, (aka the Deputy Factual Feminist) and her video debunking the lie below.

The takeaway? The 1 in 5 myth is not only demonstrably false, it’s not even in the ballpark of the correct number. The actual stat is somewhere around 1 in 52.6, according to the U.S Bureau of Justice Statistics. As Kitchens says, that number is still too high, but it’s nowhere near the number that the victim cultures on campuses would have you believe.

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According to the people who even came up with that statistic, they aren’t to be believed either.

Tragically, this myth has done more than just generate a false sense of insecurity. As Kitchens discusses, it’s completely ruined the lives of young men who were merely accused and forced out of the University without due process. On top of that, it’s created a campus culture where unnecessary laws are passed, that put the government right in your bed with you and your no pants dance partner. Ridiculous laws, such as the requirement to attain consent repeatedly during sex.

Because nothing puts you in the mood quite like hot, nasty, asking permission to continue.

Sadly, videos like this will never see the light of day on college campuses in any official capacity, which is a shame. Women don’t deserve to be lied to, nor should they feel so apprehensive around their fellow male students. Being in fear, or consistently feeling as if you need to look over your shoulder, or not attending social gatherings because you’re worried something awful might happen, is no way to go through college.

If you’re a college student, spread this around. Get the truth out.