Texas Campus Carry Law Convinces Two Professors to Resign

If you told me that in order to make our Universities less of a progressive leftist brainwashing center, the answer would be “guns,” I would have told you that violence would only hurt our cause, then walk away from you rather quickly.


But it turns out that guns are exactly the answer, but not nearly in the way you’d initially take the meaning.

According to the L.A. Times, two professors at the University of Texas have already resigned due to the fact that Texas passed its campus carry laws. One in particular, Daniel Hamermesh, said he was afraid that “a disgruntled student with a gun would ‘lose it,’ pull out the gun and shoot the instructor.”

“With 500 students in my class, this did not seem impossible,” he added.

The idea that one of the millions of college students in the US would suddenly get the urge to start throwing lead around is statistically absurd, and it’s been proven repeatedly that barring guns from an area doesn’t stop them from being used on people when they do. I’m not sure how many campus shootings need to occur before gun-control advocates accept the fact that the “good guy with the gun” concept is a proven method of stopping criminals in their tracks, and gun-free zones just don’t. If you want to stop a campus shooter, then make sure others on campus can shoot back.

According to UT in Austin, less than 1% of students have concealed carry licenses, and at 50,000 students that would put the campus carriers somewhere around 500 students. If the statistics of guns vs crime are any indication that carrying coincides with safety, then Hamermesh would have been lucky to have a few in his class.


But the good news here, is that guns aren’t just making college safer for students in body, but also in mind. If passing campus carry is what it takes to make progressive professors – who have encouraged and facilitated some of the worst behavior on campus since the 60’s – head for the hills, then it seems like a win/win.

Resigning professors isn’t the only amusing thing to happen in Austin since the passage of campus carry. The response at the UT campus has been nothing short of entertaining from the get-go. One group in particular decided that in protest, they would carry around dildos for all to see, because that makes sense.


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