Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Anti-antisemitism, Burying a Manifesto, and a Swifty Journalist is Born

Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malarky.

In disgraceful fashion, we have seen a wave of antisemitism sweep across the country, and making things all the more disturbing is the press absolutely refusing to call out this behavior. The same media that just months ago was tossing around the accusation of “antisemitism” towards any they took exception with suddenly cannot call out actual violence against Jews.

Then we have CNN’s misinformation police officer, Oliver Darcy, delivering some laughable misinformation, as he claims CNN has been the victor in the ratings covering the Israel-Hamas war. Yeah, about that, Ollie – we have the actual data, but thanks anyway for your input. 

There are also social media platforms blocking users from sharing the Tennessee shooter manifesto (even after it has been confirmed as real). Finally, we have a major publication company making a minor announcement: They hired a full-time Swifty journalist! (Yes…seriously.)

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media mayhem and malpractice.


  • The killing of synagogue president Samantha Woll was declared not to be a hate crime despite no suspect being apprehended.

  • An illegal resident in Texas was training himself with explosives to target Jewish neighbors. CNN, though, says he was targeting “individuals of particular faiths.” 

  • When pro-Palestine protestors stormed the White House and vandalized the grounds, ABC News saw this event as simply a “passionate protest” taking place.

  • As we reported here, an elderly Jewish supporter was attacked and murdered at a protest. Numerous outlets would not call it a murder; they only allude to him dying after a confrontation.

  • Oliver Darcy makes the claim that CNN has been the victor in the ratings while covering the Israel-Hamas war. The numbers show he is delivering Fake News.

  • Facebook blocks users from sharing the Tennessee shooter’s manifesto.

  • While going through a series of layoffs, Gannett Publishing managed to find resources to hire a full-time Taylor Swift Reporter.



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