Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Hamas Gossip, Netflix Has Unwoke Success, and Mike Johnson's Civil War Guilt

Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malarky.

The press continues to show how it is incapable of resisting publishing claims and data from Hamas regarding the death toll in Gaza. Despite being burned and shamed repeatedly, they just keep at it. Even when the New York Times hits on a core problem with Hamas — how it aggressively neglects its people — they cannot go all the way and actually criticize the terror group.

Next, we cover how new House Speaker Mike Johnson is uniformly criticized by the press. The dopiest example has to be The Atlantic attempting to scorch him for having a Confederate ancestor. Speaking of Dopey, Disney refuses to dump its woke agenda, and as it fails financially, Netflix is soaring in leading by example. Then, finally, we cover a local election in Everett, Washington, where a sheriff who follows the law and the Constitution is claimed to be distancing from voters.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media mayhem and malpractice.




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