The Hilarious AP Double-Standard on Voting Box Fraud - A Concern for Dems, but a Conspiracy for GOP

By now, we all are aware of the media having vastly different approaches to stories regarding the two political parties. It is to the point that it is no longer merely a reality but an expected result. As just one example, look at how CNN approaches the stories of the parties drawing up voting maps in states. When Democrats do it, they are “winning redistricting” efforts. When the Republicans do the same, it becomes “impermissible racial gerrymandering.” The press has twice as many standards as the rest of us.


Taking this fluid interpretation to a new level, however, is the Associated Press, which does not simply provide contradictory positions across news items – they do so within the context of a single article. In its report on the possible problems seen with the integrity of voting drop boxes, AP reporters Christina Cassidy and Susan Haigh ran into a snag; the latest issue revolved around Democrats. It leads to a report that is interesting/pathetic/hilarious. (Circle any that may apply.)

The story here is a news item that has previously been waved away as GOP denialism piffle, taking on a new sense of gravity when the other party is involved. You get the clear sense that the reporters were trending into uncharted waters as they struggled to reconcile sympathetic coverage for one side while maintaining derision towards the other. It does not go well for them.

At issue is a mayoral race taking place in the Democratic stronghold of Connecticut, but the familiar complaint heard from Republicans has reared up in the city of Bridgeport. Both of the candidates are accusing the other of having supporters stuffing the drop boxes during the primary. This is based on video evidence that has emerged, video evidence that — by the way — matches precisely what Republicans have been contending occurs ever since the pandemic.

But watch the interpretational approach by the AP. After years of dismissing these allegations as partisan crackpot theories, when faced with the issue on the Democratic side, it is suddenly a legitimate concern. And there is another component for Cassidy and Haigh to worry about: Republicans will use this valid proof to support their “unproven” claims. Look at how they present the current issue as a genuine problem for Democrats, while it is the exact same complaint made by Republicans but classified as illegitimate claims…within the same paragraph.


The video footage has become central to a real-world controversy over potential fraud involving ballot drop boxes, a favorite target of right-wing conspiracy theorists since former President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election.   

The blinders that are needed to write out that content are industrial grade. This is the exact thing that has been cited in recent elections as being a serious problem with voting integrity, but these journalists are incapable of arriving at the conclusion that it has been legitimized, all because it will mean attesting to Republicans being correct. The desperation is seen as they even cite the allegedly “debunked” movie “2000 Mules” while describing activities that match exactly the voter fraud shown in that film.

 A woman approaches a drop box in the dark with what appears to be handfuls of ballots. At a different drop box, someone else is seen making multiple trips to insert ballots. At yet another, the same car stops on at least three separate occasions, with different people stepping out and heading to the box. It’s not a trailer for the latest conspiracy movie about rigged elections.

This has to be seen as willful delusion and gaslighting at play. How can two reporters not see that they have presented the exact same type of activities Republicans have long complained about and that were featured in that film that they, inside the very same report, have declared to be debunked?! They just confirmed the movie as accurate in describing the contents of the security footage shot on Bridgeport.


We can see why they approach this story with such fractured translations when they grouse about the effects this evidence will have. Yes, those Republicans are Pouncing and Seizing again!

Republicans have seized on the spat…to say it validates their concerns that drop boxes are ripe for fraud. News of the Bridgeport videos has spread through right-wing social media platforms and on far-right media.

(GUILTY, I suppose!)

Users have promoted the investigation as evidence for the persistent, false narratives about widespread fraud connected to ballot drop boxes. The videos and the fact that the claims are being pushed by two Democratic candidates threaten to further inflame criticism from the right that drop boxes are vehicles for election mischief. It’s a perception that election officials have been fighting for three years.

In an attempt to help the AP on this matter, may I point out one detail? This is not a case of “perception” that drop boxes present integrity problems when there is actual evidence showing this to be the case. It is evidence that you have presented yourselves, yet you are openly choosing to ignore it based on nothing more than partisan bias being applied by allegedly neutral reporters.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article referenced Massachusetts. The mayoral race in question is in Connecticut. We apologize to our readers for the error.



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