The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Elon/Ukraine Outrage Debunked, Press' Biden Cover-up Evidence Revealed

Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malarky.

The GOP Oversight Committee findings, and then the call to open an impeachment inquiry, has the media in fullscale spin mode. While the likes of the Associated Press, and others, were busy insisting there was zero evidence against Biden (despite all of the - you know - evidence), CNN took it further, claiming it fact-checked the Republican claims. Small matter that, through their exploration, CNN managed to confirm things.

There was also a small furor regarding a new revelation about Elon Musk and his Ukraine internet presence. Small matter that what the media was excited about was factually wrong. We also have Jen Psaki making daft statements about conservatives (yes, again…), and then we look at an intriguing study that measured where people get most of their political influences online -- and it is not from news outlets.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media mayhem and malpractice.


Nieman Lab covers a research study revealing that non-news outlets deliver double the political talk to web surfers.



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