The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: A 'Variety' of Media Anger and Dating With 'Barbie'

There has been anger across the journalism complex regarding a lengthy article in Variety about the executive drama at CNN. Not only were those network players bothered so were a number of journalists who were name-checked in the piece. Names from numerous outlets have been calling out the entertainment outlet for shoddy reporting, and we are sitting back and watching the distemper playing out.

Meanwhile, a number of studies were performed over at Facebook looking into the undue influence of conservatives on the social platform. The lack of discovery of proof has not stopped the accusations being made. In another failed analysis CNN interviewed a family that claims it had to “flee” the state of Florida, despite no one chasing them out. That the network highlighted them while ignoring the scores of people moving into the state is typical. Then we look at a supposed new dating “trend” — women are said to be measuring date potential on the response to the “Barbie” movie.

Now crack one open and savor some mainstream media malfeasance and malpractice in today’s podcast.




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