The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: CNN's Dissolving Drama and Other Media Moves

A bit of a delayed episode as the unfolding melodrama at CNN kept changing daily. In a tumultuous week, CNN’s parent company installed a new executive, a scathing epic report on Chris Licht was published, and then after addressing the company with a pledge to continue improving things Chris Licht was let go entirely. A sign of his demise had to be when the lowly Oliver Darcy felt free to openly castigate Licht in his media newsletter.

But that was not the only career immolation. Chuck Todd announced on Meet The Press that he would be stepping down, replaced in September by Kristen Welker. Next is a look at the Pride Month coverage including the violence that erupted in Glendale California when a school board blocked parents from commenting on a Gay Pride effort in schools. The revealing aspect is when an identical protest reared up across the country the press had absolutely zero interest in covering it, based entirely on who it was who was protesting.

And lastly, there is amusement in a screeching column from Daily Beast editor Katie Baker lashing out at Casey DeSantis, in what has to be the purest form of projection. After a lengthy post that was pure venom, she describes Florida’s first couple as “seething with hate.” Seeing Baker in the very type of jacket she was mocking DeSantis for wearing was just the cherry on top of this bitter sundae.

Now crack one open and savor some mainstream media misdeeds and malpractice.





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