The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: J-6 Lies, Biden Documents Excuses, and a 'Media-Shy' Prince Has Media on Speed Dial

Your source to mainline mainstream media meddling and malpractice.

There has been quite a bit of press support on behalf of “Jose” Biden this past week. Starting with Friday’s anniversary of January 6, we saw both Biden and members of the misinformation-hating media delivering misinformation. This was then followed up by the supremely ironic news that President Biden was found to have been sitting on classified and Top Secret government documents from his days serving as Vice President. Watching the press flail, defend, and actually praise Biden over this issue they made severely grave for six months has been a joy to behold.

Then we have Prince Harry going on his ever-long media tour, and a few outlets are grappling with the monarchy while completely selling themselves out for a monarch. Then to close things out, we have a Glenn Kessler sighting for a refreshing change, as he resorts to his same tired, partisan truth analysis.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media mayhem.



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