The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Reviewing the Top-10 Media Stories of 2022

Your source to mainline a year’s worth of mainstream media malpractice and misinformation.

We are in the thick of the merry holiday season and that means many things, but we will be focusing on one; the year’s worst journalism! This time frame finds pundits and journos spewing out their year-end lists, concerning their ‘best-ofs’ and ‘worst-ofs’–and since we cover this rabble, we also have to resort to the practice.

As such, we present the Top-10 media trends of 2022. These are not the biggest news stories from the past year, but the topics that involved the press themselves and were trending items throughout the calendar year. More than just a splashy cycle subject, or explosive news that made brief headlines, these were the topics that were both in the press and concerned the press– in some cases, all year long.

This serves as an introduction to a series of features, in the coming weeks, with other compilations. So, I encourage you to keep coming back during your break for more mocking distractions, while you are elbow-deep (not literally) in the egg nog.

So now, crack open your first one and savor some year-long media mayhem.


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