After Georgia Ruined the Narrative, Now the Trans Community Is the Next Group Oppressed by Voter ID

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Instead of admitting they were wrong, media is shifting the victimhood with voter ID laws.

When the video was released this weekend of President Jose Biden voting in Delaware, a markedly hypocritical detail was noted. As the President shuffled into the polling location he did not hesitate when he reached for his wallet to produce his identification. It was a visual representation of one of the counter-arguments offered up during the contentious months of debate swarming around the Georgia voter integrity law.


One of the biggest issues of the new law was the requirement of a photo ID to be presented in order to vote. Many an activist and Democrat – including President Biden – weighed in on how restrictive and racist it was to force this verification, all while ignoring polls showing that a majority of voters supported the measure, including minorities. It was pointed out that, as Biden declared this a return to the racist roots of the South, his own home state had a photo ID requirement, and here he was on camera complying with the mandated verification that he described as “Jim Eagle,” in regards to Georgia.

Then the primaries came around and we saw that all of the hyperbolic accusations were complete lies because that state experienced massive turnouts in that initial election, and then when early voting began, records were set with those coming out to vote in the first days. Biden’s ballot video was the final dagger for that narrative. But this does not mean that the leftists and the press are letting go of the issue.

We now learn that there is a new claim of voter suppression out there, involving the same claims being trucked over and applied to a new group. Now it is the trans community that is said to be facing voter restrictions as a result of stricter laws requiring photo ID. Yes, seriously. Here is the NBC News NOW crew drumming up the new controversy.


So now the requirement of proof of who you are is said to be unfair to a new minority group. But there are a number of issues that makes this a spurious claim, at best. First off, the requirement is not “targeting” anyone, as the problem with a transitioning individual not matching their ID is caused by their own action. Either they have transitioned after being issued an official ID and/or they have not sought to alter their identification as a result. The law is not causing a problem.

This is seen on a map where they cite new laws making things allegedly harder on trans folks. Note that Delaware is not included as one of those problematic states, despite the fact that we saw the President needing an ID there. Are trans voters not threatened there because the photo ID requirement is an older law? 

You need to listen to the actual words used in this report to sense the desperation. While it is said these photo ID requirements “disproportionately impact the community,” explanations of where it plays out are not given. How? Where is the proof? We receive none, because It does not exist. There is no actual evidence of this trans exclusion taking place, so they resort to speculative language in order to sell this as a crisis.

  • “They are concerned
  • “They may be blocked”
  • Can they create obstacles?”
  • “They are more likely to have IDs without the name that they go by”

This means it just all sounds like a good idea to complain about it, despite the noticeable dearth of examples provided that this is a real threat to a wide array of voters. This is merely another example of the press looking to create a controversy with the results as they face the prospect of a Republican flood of victories in the coming days.

You know, the same press who feign outrage at anyone questioning the integrity of our election system.


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