The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Diversity With Supremacy, Hurricane Apathy, and the Return of the Fairness Doctrine

Your source to mainline mainstream media mistakes, misdeeds, and malpractice.

There appears a trend brewing where the press is faced with the thorny reality of a minority displaying intolerance towards others, and it does not fit into their preconceived demonizations. So when faced with a Hispanic politician in California, of all places, acting hateful towards other minorities they become flummoxed — and resort to calling it white supremacy.

In Florida, the recovery effort is continuing in the wake of Hurricane Ian, though you might not have heard much. The press has essentially walked off from covering things. This is basically an indication of how well Ron DeSantis has been handling things. I spoke with a field manager from the state’s largest electrical supplier to hear about the efforts made not being reported on these days.

In more ridiculous news, Mehdi Hasan strives to call Donald Trump an anti-Semite, CBS looks at the vile scourge of conservative talk radio, Yahoo has a disturbing explanation for the diaper shortage, and I might have found one of the more desperate fact-checks from a local news outlet.

Now, crack one open and savor some more media mayhem.



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