The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Hurricane Hysterics, Yoga Pants Racist Esthetics, and Biden's Puerto Rican Genetics

Your source to mainline mainstream media manipulations and malpractice.

As Florida begins to dig out from the catastrophe of Hurricane Ian, the press is seeking ways to slam Ron DeSantis. They just need to find the problem first, evidenced by the fact that their narrative of the problem is shifting on a regular basis. Joe Biden, meanwhile, was in Puerto Rico and he resorted to his homespun bromides again as this time, he declared he was raised Puerto Rican, politically. (The Biden-to-English translation made no more sense of this.)

Additionally, there is a political candidate in a sex scandal. We cannot say he is “embroiled” in one, because next to no one in the press is at all interested in covering it. Then to close out on a lighter note — you damned white women in your yoga pants are racist! I explore a new effort to expand the racist appropriation gambit, which this time exposes that somehow it is only whites who are guilty of this alleged social crime.

Now crack one open and savor some more mayhem.




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