The Lie-Able Sources Apoplectic Podcast Apologies, Abortion Infomercials, and the Feebs Looking Feeble

Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds, malpractice, and manipulations.

It is not often that the podcast environment itself is newsworthy, but while staging the world’s largest podcasting convention, the organizers made utter fools of themselves with their hysterical reaction to Ben Shapiro making an appearance. He did not speak, broadcast, or even say anything controversial — he merely arrived, and that was enough for those in charge to have a complete meltdown.

Then I look at the recent actions from the FBI, with not only the main press storyline from the past weeks falling apart like a Jenga tower on the back of a flatbed, but revelations have come out about the mistreatment of the Hunter Biden laptop. Not only is a whistleblower revealing how the FBI elected to sit on the laptop story, but Mark Zuckerberg declared the FBI coached FaceBook on approaching the story and how to minimize its impact.

Then for the Friday Document Dump, there is Katie Tur cutting a Planned Parenthood promo reel, a CNN fact-checker getting the facts 180 degrees incorrect, and Don Lemon getting positively giddy over Joe Biden uniting us by calling half the country “fascists”.

Now crack one open and savor some mayhem in the media.



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