The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: From SCOTUS to the Jan. 6 Hearings the Journalists Have Been Checking Out From Dealing With Facts

In a bit of a break from format, this episode will tie together the two major news stories of the week and display the press industry reacting in ways that defy their very own supposed outrage towards misinformation. Throughout the past week, they have been especially noteworthy in delivering falsehoods in support of their narratives.

We start with the SCOTUS ruling and the misreporting of what happened, and then on his Reliable Sources show Brian Stelter stated it was a distortion to show both sides of the abortion debate. That whopper was made more laughable by the fact he had no pro-life voices on his panel.

Moving to the January 6 hearings the media was in full support of the Cassidy Hutchinson appearance on Tuesday, and the press never even approached being interested in looking at her testimony objectively. I show how this is due to journalists holding the committee up as an unassailable fact-checking group with no need to have its ‘findings’ vetted.

Then I covered the recent spate of news outlets who were willing to race forward with the claims that Justice Clarence Thomas in another ruling had supposedly declared vaccines were made from aborted babies. That journalists were incapable of reading was a rather stark reality.

Now crack one open and enjoy some media mockery.




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