The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Roe Reax, Inflation Is YOUR Fault, and Greitens Grinds the Press' Gears

Your source to mainline mainstream media mayhem and malpractice.

With everyone losing their minds over the Supreme Court ruling already I just lightly touch on the topic by showing how the press reactions are more emotional than pragmatic. Even the supposed experts are incapable of stepping back and delivering rational assessments of things.

Eric Greitens has many a journalist enflamed this week with his violently provocative campaign commercial. They were so enflamed, they go into detail about the commercial they claim to not want you to see — as they then show it. We also have The Friday Document Dump™, with a number of hits on ignorant economic coverage, some fact-checking follies, Chuck Todd growing more dismayed over the lack of January 6 interest, and a GOP politician giving a CNN reporter the most polite takedown ever.

Now, crack one open and enjoy some journalism jocularity!



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