The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: J-6 Jocularity, Todd, AP and the Dead, and Gannett Kills off the Op-Ed

Your source to mainline mayhem in mainstream media.

The January 6 commission continues to get desperate and make more claims than it makes convincing arguments based on evidence. The second day of hyped televised hearings had them focusing on things apart from the riot, like claims made about the election. Things are rather bad when the likes of Rachel Maddow are making the case against the J-6C.

Brian Stelter went from being mad last week that Fox News did not cover the hearing to being mad again this week because Fox…did cover the hearing live. Stelter was not mad with the fact the committee claims to have found a Congressman giving a Capitol tour the day before the riot. That person did not, and we’ll explain the details

Meanwhile, we spotted a new trend where media figures are intent on interviewing figures who have passed away, a major news corporation doing away with opinions, and then we’ll close out with some Hollywood and Disney woke updates.

Now crack one open and enjoy some media mockery.




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