The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: WaPo Has Gone FUBAR, and the Press Gets Jiggy With the J-6 Committee

Your source to mainline mayhem in the mainstream media.

It has been a remarkable string of days for the Washington Post. The outlet has become so untethered from reality that it is a challenge to keep up to date on its dysfunction!

Taylor Lorenz continues to be a drag on the paper’s reputation, but she must be grateful that writer Felicia Sonmez has become unraveled at the same time, drawing attention away from her journalism challenges. Sonmez is currently on Day-5 of her becoming unraveled over Dave Weigel retweeting a joke, which never once involved her.

Along with that fun, there is the January 6 Commission holding hearings live this week, with the press doing everything to combat voter apathy on the matter.

Also, we have Joe Biden conducting his first interview in months, but not with a journalist, and then the Democrats and journalists continuing to completely mishandle their treatment of Hispanic voters.

Now, crack one open and enjoy some media mockery.



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