The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Offending the Attacker, COVID Blame, and Monochromatic Racism

Your source to mainline the mayhem in mainstream media.

We start off with an amazing sign of where the media is headed. We find that in the U.K., while covering a story about some of the pressures in the LGBTπ community, the BBC was willing to alter the testimony of a sexual assault victim–in the name of being woke. The outlet went as far as changing pronouns, so the attacker wouldn’t be offended.

There is also The Daily Beast trying to gin up COVID hysteria once again, this time blaming Ron DeSantis…for one long-COVID death.

Then this being the end of the week it is time for The Friday Document Dump™, with hits on how the Washington Post is responsible for the Depp-Heard trial, a white court case was bad for blacks, black shooters are white supremacists, and John Harwood is just tweeting through it all.

Now, crack one open and enjoy some media mockery.



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