The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Blowing off a Whistleblower, Fact-Check Frauds, and the Friday Document Dump

Your source to mainline the mayhem in mainstream media

After a far-too-long amount of time giving her credence, Florida’s alleged whistleblower Rebekah Jones has been summarily disproven on all of her claims. An Inspector General report finds there was no validity to any of her claims that Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis falsified COVID data. But don’t expect media coverage of this finding to match the prior amount of hype the press granted her claims.

Next, we look at Politifact displaying the top issues with fact-checkers — partisan favoritism, working to disprove a Republican, completely avoiding facts — all in an effort to continue propping up Stacey Abrams.

Then in the Friday Document Dump™, we have a journalist comparing buying a gun to grocery shopping, members of the press flummoxed by emergency exits in schools, Chris Cillizza manipulating a poll, and the New York Times winning the headline writing contest.

Now, crack one open and enjoy some media mockery.



And there’s this…


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