Last Week’s Insurrection Attempt In D.C. Exposes the Media for the Biased Positions They Hold

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After months of the media promising us that violence would erupt in the nation’s capital once again, it finally happened late last week. Protestors, upset with the federal government, stormed a federal building in a violent fashion and occupied the place for a time that afternoon. If this comes as a surprise to you do not be surprised. Likely those who do know of this event came to learn about it from our own site, but there is little chance of seeing it covered elsewhere.


Interesting, because the press has been eagerly awaiting this very activity ever since January 6. Just last month their latest promised uprising — the Justice for January 6 Rally — was a complete bust of a news event. This continued their string of assured continued violence adding up to nothing, so certainly a mob overrunning a government building would be just the thing to have tongues in hypercaffeinated overdrive all weekend as they delivered hysterical bromides of their predictions coming true. Yet these seers took one look at the crowd and walked out on the story faster than cutting out the back door while on a blind date with Sebastian Gorka.

The reason is that the crowd that pushed its way into the Interior Department building was a group of leftists, environmentalists who are as far away on the political spectrum from Donald Trump as from the horizon. Not only is there reticence to be critical of these groups, but there is nothing in the way of forwarding their 10-month long narrative of demonizing Trump and the Republican party. If they were to highlight this attack on a building by polar opposites of their preferred targets it would dilute their contentions.

So after some cursory coverage, the story was dropped entirely.

Portland, Oregon
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It is not as if there were not a string of identifiers that would qualify Thursday’s attack as another insurrection. They stormed a government building. They clashed with police on site. They illegally entered the building. There were signs of vandalism. And all of this was done in stated opposition to Joe Biden’s agenda. All of the hallmarks of January’s mob hit were in play, complete with police being injured.


Climate demonstrators were attempting to occupy the Interior Department, with dozens entering the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building on C Street NW. Those who remained outside clashed with police as they tried to keep the one unlocked door open. At times, protesters attempted to push past the police line.

There is one other element in play that looks worse for the media mavens. This attack was far more organized. Rather than a group splintering from a gathering held elsewhere, these environmentalists were in town as part of a number of organizations participating in days of protests and demonstrations. The intent to have Biden overturn a number of environmental initiatives had been expressed throughout the week and a number of facilities have been the target of protests.

Just chilling video. We have not seen anything this violent in Washington since the White House was burned down in the War of 1812!!!! (That is how these events are appropriately described, correct?) Instead, the journalists in town, and at their information desks are none too interested in elevating these actions into insurrection levels of violence. 

One of the convenient dodges you see is that the supposed difference here is no one was attempting to overthrow the government, unlike the organized treason that was on display in January. One problem here; the darned FBI has all but scuttled this end of the narrative by confirming there was no organization behind the attack on the Capitol. This has not deterred the press from declaring that the fateful day in January was an Insurrection, and neither has another harsh reality — that nobody from that riot has been charged with insurrection, nor sedition.


According to CNN, there was a time when this possibility was looked at within the Justice Department, but they have walked away from the premise of charging those who broke into the Capitol.

In the weeks after the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol, the Justice Department looked at the possibility of pursuing charges under the rarely used seditious conspiracy law. Since then, and particularly since the start of the Biden administration, skepticism among top officials has made that possibility increasingly unlikely.

Translation: The charges would never hold up. Yet we still see the pundits declare loudly and boldly that an insurrection took place. There is a reason that I included a link from CNN, and that is because their own news warblers, from Jim Acosta to Brian Stelter, and Chris Cuomo, along with others, continue to insist that an “insurrection” took place. For their accusation to stand it would mean that these camera gargoyles know more than the DOJ.

Just look at the abandonment of journalism ethics at play when they make their accusation. In stories where there is a murder suspect, even one caught on video committing the homicide, they are referred to as “the suspect,” or “alleged killer.” For January 6, however, there is no legal allowance made for those held as a result of the attack. You never hear “the alleged insurrectionists” nor even “suspected of treason.

The media is perfectly content to brand those arrested on January 6 as being guilty of crimes for which they have not even been charged, serving as quite a departure for journalists. This leads to a complete divorce from their elevated claims about governmental violence. After months of promise that violence would return to the Capitpl, once it happens they have to diminish the import of the behavior, or simply avoid the story entirely. It seems some insurrections are more important than others.



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