New Trailer for "The Batman" Answers Some Questions, but Others Remain

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The first official reveal of Robert Pattinson under the cowl is released — has he convinced the fans?

In the years since Christopher Nolan surrendered the reins of the Batman character, following a wildly successful franchise run, there has been nothing but upheaval. After Nolan’s trilogy earned $1.1 billion domestically and doubled that total in global markets, Warner Brothers – DC Films have stumbled with the character.


Ben Affleck took over the cape, and it was not a smooth transition. He brought a deeply cynical approach to the role, and it did not help that his entry was in the risible film “Batman vs. Superman”. That was followed with a small role in a disappointing “Suicide Squad,” and then standing in as the centerpiece of the infamously problematic “Justice League,” where Zack Snyder took an even darker approach — which then became a confounding mess with his departure and Joss Whedon’s takeover of the film. The recent release of the epic-length ‘Snyder Cut’ of that film has repaired some damage, but did little to cement Affleck in the role.

Warners-DC had plans for a standalone Batman picture, and Affleck was given full control, with the jobs of writing/directing/starring in place. A planned “Justice League” sequel would be moved to accommodate Affleck’s film, but gradually, the project unraveled. He backed out of writing the script, and by February of 2017, his involvement was questionable. By that time, Warners settled on a deal with director Matt Reeves, a longtime collaborator with J.J. Abrams.

Reeves wrote a new story entirely, one divorced from the Justice League and not written to springboard other characters in the DCU. By the end of summer, Affleck was being phased out, with a younger Batman becoming the intent, as the plot would be focused on his earlier years. This led to the casting of Robert Pattison in the starring role, and reaction to the news had been mixed. Now, his initial reveal is here for fans to absorb.


Earlier in the week, the studio released a teaser of just a few seconds, which got some excitement on social media.

This generated largely favorable reactions, but served as a sorbet for fans. Yesterday was the day of DC FANDOME, the studio and Comic company reveal of numerous properties across a variety of media and universes. During this event, the full two-and-a-half-minute trailer was released. Numerous reveals arrived, including everything from Pattinson in costume, and the extended cast of characters.

The film is looking good in delivering grit, in a noir-style fitting for what Reeves announced for his version of The World’s Greatest Detective. His intent was to essentially land us into Bruce Wayne’s second year, or so, as the urban crusader. That tagline regarding the iconic spotlight — “It’s not just a signal; it’s a warning” — sets the right tone of this being a tough vigilante.


Our reveal of the cast holds interest as well. First off, Pattinson seems to deliver the needed gravitas in costume. He occupies the role sufficiently, with anger coming through. The real stunner is Colin Ferrell being unrecognizable as Oswald Copperpot, the precursor of The Penguin. Zoe Kravitz did not deliver much in the way of Catwwoman, but the brief shot of Andy Serkis as Alfred was pure joy.

Meanwhile Paul Dano was completely hidden in his role of The Riddler. Matt Reeves announced that his version of this famed villain would be a different approach. He is going to be a serial killer whom Wayne/Batman must contend with, adding a dark layer to the noir. But there was one other character reveal that looks pretty good.

There had been some sneaks as to the appearance of The Batmobile, and those early images hinted at some retro styling being in play. This clip confirms that to be the case.

Just to add to the confusion of things, Ben Affleck is still poised to reprise his version of the Caped Crusader. He will be appearing in “The Flash,” set for release in November 2022. In the meantime, you will get to measure your impression of Pattison as the Dark Knight this spring. The film is finally set to hit theaters on March 4.



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