Misinformation Malpractice by ABC News as GOP Is the Focus of Texas Democrats Infecting D.C.

(AP Photo/ABC, Lorenzo Bevilaqua)

This is a most audacious example of media spin and deflection by ABC News

It has been a remarkable turnaround in just one week. Just seven days ago, the cadre of Democrats fleeing Texas was warmly embraced by the press, their exploits covered uncritically and enthusiastically. Since then, all talk of killing the filibuster has ceased, as support for this unlawful blockage of legislation completely neuters arguments against an established procedural method. Then these dolts proved themselves an unthinking lot with an aimless plan, and it culminated with the deeply ironic announcement of members testing positive for Covid.


The total is up to six by now, and Vice President Harris had to be tested over the weekend to ensure she had not been infected by the flee-ibuster. These cerebrally challenged politicians who took raucous and maskless selfies in transit have now become something the press has always alleged would happen yet now refuse to admit —  a super-spreader event. 

Last night, ABC World News Tonight showed exactly the corner the press has painted themselves into in coddling these attention simpletons, having to cover the effects of their irresponsibility, without somehow referencing them at all. This is a prime study in exactly how slanted and biased our media complex can get, as not only do they work to avoid the primary facts, but then make a desperate bid to shift blame to the GOP.

Central Casting mannequin David Muir gave grave intonations as he introduced the specter of what are being called “breakthrough infections,” people testing positive for Covid after they were vaccinated. The effort is made to both underscore the seriousness of this development, while at the same time erasing the central cause of this outbreak. He tossed the show to a segment by DC correspondent Rachel Scott, who did a staggering performance of avoidance journalism.


Scott details the serious nature of a White House staffer and a Nancy Pelosi drone both contracting Covid-19, and yet she abandons all journalistic credibility by never mentioning how this came to pass. Both of these individuals worked directly with the infected Texas Dems, yet guess what is never even referenced, let alone mentioned, in her piece — those Austin Fugitives. Then Scott turns desperate and proceeds to not only ignore those responsible but deflects entirely by bringing up Republicans — for no discernable reason.

The former President is displayed as Scott explains, President Donald Trump quietly got his shot before he left office, but rarely urged his supporters to get theirs.” Okay, but what does this have to do with the new infections, and from where they derived? Oh, nothing? Well then, moving on! 

Next, we learn that Steve Scalise was, “finally getting his first Pfizer dose,” Mitch McConnell is pleading with citizens to ignore misinformation, and Sean Hannity is encouraging viewers to get vaccinated. Scott notes that Sean did this, “On Fox News, where hosts have downplayed the threat of Covid.”

This is both a pathetic attempt at deflection and an egregious display of journalism. That there is zero mention of the root cause of this outbreak, after implying the seriousness of the development, is inexcusable. The rolling out of a list of conservative names and faces is beyond desperation — it is simply media malpractice. 


To somehow imply that GOP members are to blame for a group of Democrats flouting their own mask restrictions while traveling is the nadir in reporting. For the past year, the press has tried to paint any gathering they disapproved as an assured super spreader event, and now, when faced with an actual case study of such, they pretend that it does not even exist. The reasons for this are obvious.

The next-to-last thing the press wants to do is hold up Democrats as responsible for a reckless Covid outbreak endangering others. The very last thing the press will do is admit their own culpability, by supporting and promoting the irresponsible behavior that led to a result they have long promised Republicans would deliver.


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