Gloria Borger at CNN Leads the Gaslighting on ‘Biden’s Vaccine Rollout’

Sceenshot via CNN

The attempt at rewriting history continues after the President addresses Congress.

Following Joe Biden’s dream weaver speech last night — where he implied the $40 billion in allegedly untaxed corporate revenues would somehow pay for his $2 trillion spending proposal — CNN gathered together a panel of sycophants to continue the gaslighting for their audience. Among this cheerleader squad was Gloria Borger, and she uncorked some marvelous revisionism for the masses.


Our brethren over at Townhall captured this little nugget from their pep rally, where Gloria was discussing Tim Scott’s rebuttal speech, talking about how he did not pay enough heed to President Biden for the vaccine rollout…that he supposedly was responsible for bringing to the public?!

Now, we can allow for her possibly making a verbal flub here but, as noted, nobody on the panel rose up with even a gentle correction. This was a gathering of supposedly learned news personalities, and nobody picked up on the error in her comment? Most likely there were nodding heads happy that more of the recalibration of facts was taking place, a theme throughout the night.

Later, Ms. Borger came back on camera to make a correction to her comments, but her rectifying was hardly a case of setting the record straight. As she acknowledged that Donald Trump should rightly be credited with the success of Operation Warp Speed, she still propped up Joe Biden as the driving force behind the vaccinations. She brought up Biden’s competency on the vaccines as a prelude to hesitantly admitting to her inaccurate portrayal earlier.

“I misstated it earlier, Donald Trump gets credit for Operation Warp Speed, but Joe Biden gets credit on getting those vaccines…into your arms.”

No, Joe Biden does not get credit for what was already in place and already in practice when he was sworn in as President. Borger tries selling the idea that Trump only got the raw material into play, but Biden was the one to actively get the vaccine program rolling and people becoming injected. Sheer garbage analysis.


We already know the administration has attempted to sell this lie. It was on Joe Biden’s first full day in office when administration officials fed CNN the lie that he had been left with no vaccine distribution program from Donald Trump. This lie was so bad that it was not only laughably debunked before lunch that same day, but at night, even Chris Cuomo said on air how it was incorrect. 

The vaccines — yes, TWO of them — not only arrived in early December, but the vaccination program was ramped up that same month. On the day of Joe Biden’s inaugural well over 1.5 million people were receiving the vaccine, with the total amount to that point being tens of millions. Days later — before Biden could have instituted any particular distribution — on February 1 the number surpassed 30 million doses administered.

This has been the intent of CNN all along, to sell the public on the idea that Joe Biden is credited with people becoming inoculated. This farce is exposed by the reality that as Joe was touting his goal of having 100 million people given the vaccine by his 100th day in office, we were already on pace to meet that goal, based on the vaccine program established by Donald Trump. 


This calls to mind another uncomfortable reality for the media. In September of last year, with the arrival of the vaccines known, it was President Trump who declared that by this month all adults in the country would be eligible to get vaccinated, and it was the press who had mocked him for that declaration. At the time CNN remarked, “Trump says every American can get a coronavirus vaccine by April, but health experts say that’s not likely.” Then, as that very goal became a reality weeks ago, that same cynical media now tries to credit Joe Biden for reaching the goal.

As the gaslighting continues from the press, it is glaringly obvious they are trying to use low-octane fuel in their efforts.


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