Why Are the Loudest Opponents of Conspiracies on the Left the Source of Most Conspiracies?

Why Are the Loudest Opponents of Conspiracies on the Left the Source of Most Conspiracies?
Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

The Left claims to despise crackpot theories yet cannot help from spouting off the most inane proposals.

This weekend at the CPAC gathering in Orlando there were fewer outside protestors, but a smattering managed to find their way to O-Town. One such demonstration was in the form of a panel truck outfitted with LED monitors. The three sides simply displayed the letters ‘’G-Q-P’’, an unsubtle dig suggesting the attendees were occupied with quorums dedicated to Qanon subjects and contrived stories.

As usual, the most ardent critics of CPAC are those who never have attended the event and speak only of details they have been fed. What is also revealing is that just as the opponents and media wish to paint the right with a conspiracy brush they uncorked a massively risible story about the convention. Some desperate souls declared the stage in the main hall was fashioned after Nazi symbology, and even when the controversy was tamped down by the hotel the media continued to try flogging the claim.

So apparently the problematic aspect of pushing conspiracies is dependent on where they derive. The idiocy of the Nazi-Rune claims is completely unraveled by the simplest of questions. If you are of the mind that CPAC organizers purposefully used an obscure design from 80 years ago then what was the purpose? Yes, feverish minds want desperately for this to be a dog whistle to appeal to supremacists, but there is a distinct lack of logic employed. 

Who in politics believes that latent Nazis comprise any type of significant voting bloc? Throughout the conference there were Jewish speakers and black panelists. The exhibitors hallway and Radio Row had a constant stream of diverse faces and voices. Trump just experienced a tremendous rise in minority voter support in November, and those elected to Congress have been the most diverse ever seen. Not only is it a cement-headed thought to suggest an appeal to racist totalitarians is in play, but it has also already been disproven at the polling booth.

The people who depended on a four-year-long contrivance involving Russia have become unhinged, as the past few months have seen the left flush with these feverish fallacies. For much of the year they claimed Trump would need to be physically evicted from the White House. As the election approached the media avoided the Hunter Biden story by claiming it was simply a Russian disinformation campaign; they wove their own conspiracy that was absent of proof to avoid a legitimate news story. 

Following the attack on the Capitol the media went into overdrive with speculative promises. One was that the people storming the Capitol were allowed in by Capitol police. Another is that many in the National Guard ranks guarding the capital would be potential insurgents.

How about the concept that President Trump would possibly use martial law in order to remain in power, and even use nuclear weapons? Yes, that has been floated on a national news network. Then there was the theory of President Trump being allowed to resign, and then getting pardoned by Mike Pence. Unless Pence would resign, in order to avoid being forced to give the pardon. Bear in mind, all the pardon talk was made without any crime being charged. 

All of this unhinged hysteria comes from one side. This is the crowd who have been bleating about Qanon dangers for a year, who have been trying to smear every single person right-of-center as being plotters to overthrow our democracy. They reveal the most base form of projection; loudly pointing fingers at others with spurious charges in the hope of deflecting from their own desperate conspiratorial behavior.

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