RedState From CPAC: Interview With Nick Loeb, Director of "Roe vs. Wade"

In the battle with our culture, this film may become a guide on how conservative entertainment can work.

There is a notable difference at this year’s CPAC convention from previous years. Fewer red MAGA hats are found and the herds of young idealists clad in navy Brooks Brothers and khakis roaming the halls are far thinner. The diminished fervency has given way to a more-forward-thinking attitude overall, with less fist-pumping and more contemplative discussions taking place.

One recurring topic within our groups has been how to develop a far greater footprint within the entertainment culture in this country. We are experiencing a unique period where those of us on the right are facing a widening media landscape while at the same time becoming battled and blocked on certain platforms, all while attempting to get a more firm foothold with cultural offerings. The technique needed is not to make ‘’conservative’’ entertainment, but to make quality entertainment that just happens to derive from a conservative vantage point.

There is a new motion picture making its world premiere tonight at the convention, “Roe vs. Wade,” a dramatic telling of the infamous Supreme Court case surrounding abortion. I sat down with writer/producer/director Nick Loeb to discuss just how he pulled off this small miracle. Getting any major motion picture completed is a long shot, but considering the incendiary subject matter running afoul of Hollywood’s leftist position, this became a more improbable task for Loeb.

This was more than 4 years in order to get made,” Loeb informed me. He had figured that turning to the wealthy conservative business community for backing would have been an easier task, but many shied away from the project. “Unfortunately, in a movement, the money on the pro-life side doesn’t really fund media — and this is why we lose, to be quite honest.” Then he faced a possibly bigger challenge — resistance from the film community.

While studios and distributors backing away from this type of film would be expected, I asked Loeb if he experienced any direct efforts to block his film. “In fact, we heard the agencies around Hollywood were telling their clients not to work on our film.” Despite this resistance, Loeb landed a robust cast, with many avowed conservative performers, such as Jon Voit, and Robert Davi.

Listen to the entire interview with a success story that conservative media can a lesson from in our move forward in entertainment.