Tampa Mayor Proves the Super Bowl Covid-Karens Never Complain About Those on the Left

Screenshot from video presser in article

Funny how selective the fatal decision to go maskless can be. 

Sure it is tiresome, and yes, the argument is sophomoric, but when it comes to those on the left chirping and barking about those who do not wear masks in public it is needed to point out the hypocrisy of those delivering the lectures. If the message were consistent and delivered in an even tone then it would be a tolerable reality. However it is the selective outrage that leads to the hectoring not being taken seriously, and when only one side is addressed with derision while being told they are de facto murderers then the narrative becomes intolerable.


This bifurcated message was on full display this weekend with the Super Bowl and the ensuing street parties which erupted following the hateful/intolerant/triggering Buccaneers victory. It seemed inevitable that complaints would rise in reaction to such an event, and one staged in a relatively open state like Florida. It began early, with Tom Brady getting scorched on social media for arriving without a mask on. The press went downhill from there.

During pregame field reports, CNN journalist Randi Kaye visited a number of gatherings and parties ahead of kickoff and she went further than just noting the maskless hordes. She went so far as to go to the police and ask if they were going to address the situation. Imagine giving your HOA president a microphone and some airtime — that is all you need to know about this trenchant dispatch from the mean streets of Ybor City.

Following the game, as we now have been alerted, revelers took to the streets in mass fashion, and the lack of facial coverings was broadly covered in the press. The folks at The Daily Caller did fine work in a thread, listing not only all the news reports of this fatal promise of a super-spreader event, but showing a far different response to another street celebration. The side-by-side entries showed zero concern about the promise of spreading death when people partied in the town squares to celebrate Biden’s election victory, and those occurred in numerous cities. 


The politicization has been ridiculous, but it is easily beaten back with facts. Governor Ron DeSantis was scorched when pics of him in a luxury suite without a mask were spread around, and in what is becoming his trademark he was prepared to throw scorn right back at the press. The next day there was more peacocking from the left when the Mayor of Tampa, Jane Castor, gave a press conference where she gave a long dissertation about the crowds and those not wearing masks.

To get a sense of how vacant all of this safety signaling is for the left it is all unraveled in one tweet involving the good mayor herself. The notable aspect is the left never seems to fall under the focus of these accusatory attacks. So the lack of seriousness becomes fully revealed when the criticism of fans celebrating a championship in town or Governor DeSantis shown maskless at a game is undone by Castor shown being guilty of the same.


To explain, that is Castor seen sitting in the stands at a local hockey game, and her again out in the streets celebrating the Stanley Cup championship this past October. As soon as someone in the press can explain why she is not coming under the same level of scorn in a way that makes sense I will be willing to listen. While at it, if you can explain away her hypocrisy, as heard in her recent press conference, that’d be super as well.

Until then, I will simply applaud her for enjoying the freedom we experience here in Florida. 


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