Outrage from AOC and CNN Over the Storming of the Capital Rings False Following Their Own Prior Encouragements



The cheerleaders of violence are lecturing against their own tactics.

If you subjected yourself to any of the news coverage last night of the events in Washington — that is, if you are a masochist for this stuff such as myself — you saw no lack of outrage and contempt from the players. The press preens today with outward displays of contempt, but if you look in their eyes closely you can catch the gleam they try to stifle. This melee in D.C. has them overcome with paroxysms of excitement.


In their mad rush to deliver hyperbolic contempt and posture in front of the cameras, the one thing they rely upon is our forgetting the way they all behaved in 2020. The problem for them — those actions are still reverberating in our collective memories. Just as a start, Chris Cuomo on CNN was intent on delivering his lectures of displeasure. You could sense the pheromones emanating as he was launching into his condemnations, but he comes off completely impotent on the matter.

See Chris, we recall how you reacted to the numerous skirmishes and riots experienced across the country last summer. You justified the violence, you explained how the damage caused was duly inspired, and how the palpable outrage witnessed in the streets was inspired elsewhere. 

Your failure to call out these actions went on for months, and it was underscored when later, after polls showed the negative impression caused, your network suddenly turned on a dime and began to call for an end of the violence. It was far too late by that point.

Another dose of hypocrisy comes from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She was another voice during the riots who supported the actions and declared they were inspired by social disparity and the various other mythical offenses she finds in our country. Amusement was found when yesterday people began circulating AOC’s own words on social media, displaying her hypocrisy.


Well, it seems that when people were pointing out how bad this makes her look it also – ironically enough — made her own people uncomfortable. Lauren Hitt, AOC’s communications director, took to Twitter in an attempt to squelch those who were passing around AOC’s own words. Apparently it was hateful and unfair to not even quote her but to display her previously posted comments. She actually tried getting Twitter management to go after those retweeting the post.


Look at the strained attempt to reframe her comments. That ‘’old’’ thread is barely one month old. This makes it not only relevant, it can be pointed to as a tacit call for these actions AFTER the election. These are very recent and valid comments to highlight today. For the staff of the star of Congress to attempt to take action against those sharing the post shows their desperation at being called out.


It also displays their stunted thinking. If they are so dismayed at how AOC is being portrayed (accurately, by the way) why have they not simply removed the post? Instead, they call for the powers to shut down anyone daring to share her words. So be warned — you might not want to copy the link to her tweet, post it on your timeline, and share it with your followers, and encourage others to repeat the process as swell. That might make AOC cranky.

This is a sign that all of the media members and politicians who today are doing all they can to leverage the violence seen yesterday to their advantage, have a challenge at the same time. Those who spent the bulk of last year telling us how understandable and necessary the violent riots have a hard time being taken seriously today as they condemn the rush made on The Hill. 

None of this is positioned to defend the activity yesterday. The violence that spilled out and was executed on the Capitol is not to be tolerated. It should be condemned. This follows suit with the same condemnation myself and many others expressed during the violent protests last year. That is called being consistent. What needs to be pointed out are those who today are posturing with outrage after they had excused these same types of actions and reclassified burnt out and looted cities as scenes of ‘’mostly peaceful’’ protests.


These are the people who are inconsistent in their outrage, and today they are upset if anyone notices.


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