Media Fail Again When Suddenly Motherhood in Politics Is Noble Following a Joe Biden Election Win

Media Fail Again When Suddenly Motherhood in Politics Is Noble Following a Joe Biden Election Win
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In their giddiness over Joe, the press forgets what used to anger them.

It is becoming so pathetic that it is outwardly amusing by now. The media hypocrisy has always been with us but of late it is getting so blatant that you have to wonder about the collective psychological health of journalists. 

We are all familiar with the practice in news outlets of carrying double standards in regards to the two parties. It used to be when this was pointed out we would have to reach back a year or more, to positions held during a prior administration. As an example, when the press raged about Donald Trump putting immigrant children in cages news items from years past showing Barack Obama indulged in that practice were brought up to show the press harboring no moral outrage. 

But that window has been severely narrowed with the adulation over Joe Biden’s victory — now the media is shown to be abject hypocrites over items they railed about just weeks ago. It all begins with Maggie Haberman, as she touted a piece about Biden’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Jen O’Malley. Beyond her comments calling GOP members ‘’F-ers’’, in defiance of her boss’ calls for unity, O’Malley is being hailed in a piece at Glamour magazine…for being a mother.

Now there are many ways to go with this. First off, let us approach the fact that O’malley is hardly the first woman with children to work in an administration. In an echo to the praise heaped on Joe Biden for his female appointments that had to ignore the long list of women in the Trump administration, there were a number of mothers in the Trump White House who have children — Kayleigh MMcEnany, Ivanka Trump, Kelly Anne Conway, Sarah Sanders, etc. — so for Maggie to call this ‘’rare’’ is hilariously inept.

But more to the point, it was not so long ago when the media were taking a far more stern approach towards motherhood and a job in Washington. We have to go all the way back to…October? Yes, when Amy Coney Barrett was being considered as the next Supreme Court Justice appointment her being a mother was frequently bandied as either a selling point by her supporters, or as a major character flaw by those on the left, specifically in the press. 

And perhaps the best –

Just amazing, and this is but a sample. But today, they find a member of Biden’s appointed staff with progeny and suddenly motherhood in The Age of Biden (circa one month) becomes a venerated quality. But to really tie up the hypocrisy with a pink and powder blue bow, we need only to look at one outlet.

Haberman was tweeting out this article from Glamour Magazine that was lauding O’Malley’s accomplishments with procreating. When it came to their approach to ACB and motherhood there was a far more dour approach to the concept, by — Glamour Magazine.

Yes, just a short time ago motherhood was a ”threat”. They were hardly filled with fawning praised over ACB’s ability to raise a family.

Coney Barrett is a mother of seven children, and her status as a mother was praised by Republicans, who have waved it like a flag over the proceedings. She’s a mother, so you can trust her. She’s a mother, so she must be good. Never mind that motherhood should not be a factor in a person’s job interview. No, it should not be used against someone. It is also not a qualification.

But today, a mom on Biden’s staff is exalted, hailed, and said to be heroic in the face of a Washington career. This is what the next four years in the press will resemble. It is going to be a fun time. 

(walks off to sharpen the Ginsus)

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