CNN’s Jim Acosta Blatantly Lies Over The Suspension of His Press Credentials While Complaining Over Trump’s Lies

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The Prevaricator Of The United States tries making the story about himself and proves it is a fairy tale.

During the press tour for the release of his book, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America” Jim Acosta had much to say about the proximity to the President and his role as a White House reporter. In joining in the chorus from the press that the President is a liar and a threat to the press corps, Acosta had this to say to The New Yorker

”You have a President who I think is pretty dishonest a lot of the time. I am not comfortable calling the President out for his falsehoods and lies, but it is part of our job and something we cannot shy away from. And I think that process has upset the President, his team, and a lot of his supporters, and I think that is why you see so much hostility directed at us, simply because we are correcting the record and making sure the American people have the facts.’’

Now anyone who has followed Jim Acosta for any duration at all knows why this is hilarious coming from him. When it comes to the record Acosta, and his network CNN, are less inclined to correct the record than they are to scratch it to a level that it is no longer playable on any turntable. Nobody can deny that President Trump has told his large share of prevarications over his tenure, but for the press to act offended over anyone daring to suggest they play fast and loose with the facts at the same time is pure comedy.

To prove this is the case, CNN’s testament to self-adulation has delivered a monument to today’s media battling with the truth. Jim is a man so infatuated with his own import that if he were to have an affair it would simply mean that he has started seeing other mirrors, and in true Acosta fashion he attempted to insert himself into a story where he had no involvement. It ends in disaster.

It begins with The New York Times promoting an editorial written by another truth-impacted journalist, Jorge Ramos. In it Ramos drones for over 1,100 words about how the press should have been tough on the President. Sure, the man who had every accusation from sexist, racist, Nazi, and genocidal despot leveled, had an impeachment cooked up, and four years of fraudulent Russian collusion allegations hurled at him sure had an easy time of things. Great read on the matter, Jorge!

But seeing this Acosta decided he needed to chime in because, let’s be honest, America went nearly an entire weekend without having his name or face brought to our attention. Acosta sent out his own tweet responding to The Times, and it is a marvel for all the wrong reasons.

For autopsy sake let us sharpen the Ginsu and carve into this carcass of a post. The very fact Jim dares to say ‘’inaccurate to say otherwise’’ in a solitary tweet laden with lies is itself hilarious. Anyone with a basic familiarity of Acosta’s tale of having his access to the White House denied is well aware it had nothing to do with questioning and everything to do with his behavior at a White House event.

In November 2018 Trump held a lengthy press conference following the midterm election. Acosta was directly in front of the podium and after posturing with some seemingly ‘’tough’’ questions for Trump the President attempted to move on. Acosta, however, was having none of it, as he had a chance in front of live cameras to preen professionally. He continued to lean into the President and as Trump attempted again to move on. This was when things went haywire.

Jim continued to glom the microphone, and as a young female White House intern approached to take it away Jim turned and refuse to surrender it. He continued and after Trump had dismissive comments the intern reached for the mic. Acosta not only held it fast but used his other hand to chop down her arm and prevent her from taking it. Only after Trump walked away from the podium was the episode finally defused. 

Later that evening Acosta came to the White House to file his evening report and came to learn he had his access privileges revoked when the Secret Service collected the pass issued to reporters. 

Minutes later ABC News reported on the statement issued by the White House regarding the revocation of Acosta’s credentials.

Roughly one hour later CNN had its own statement released, defending the nonexistent honor of its reporter.

Now to look over that message sent by Acosta this morning. His claim is that the White House seized his credentials as a result of his asking tough questions. This is patently false, as it was clearly a result of his confrontational behavior at that day’s event. The episode played out near noon on November 7. Acosta detailed his access being terminated just before 8pm, and the White House issued its statement minutes later. 

The next lie Acosta is wallowing in regards the supposed challenge he delivered to Trump about the migrant caravan, and his calling it an ‘’invasion’’. Trump had answered his question directly and calmly, and he then attempted to move on during his 90 minute conference. Jim was trying to grandstand, moving on to a question about the Russian investigation. He was not shut down over the question, it was over his attempt to hijack the conference. His lying over the episode was echoed by his network — calling the charge ”fraudulent’’, and insisting it was ”an incident that never happened’’.

Amusingly one of Acosta’s colleagues — Jeff Mason of Reuters — attempted to spin the episode as well. He sent out a tweet of photos meant to clear up any confusion over the video most of the public had already witnessed.

There really is only one way to describe this subterfuge; to use the parlance of the press when they do not like evidence, this tweet was ”deceptively edited’’. The video from the ABC News feed clearly shows Acosta being physical with her, but to play along with Mason I provided some of the screen caps he elected to leave out of his ‘’proof’’.

This is the wreckage we are left with after 4 years of the digital siege playing out in our media landscape. Yes, the media is charged with holding the President accountable and to call him out in his lies when they can be proven. But the core problem is that when looking at the President as the installed enemy from the days before he even took office the journalists have felt they were completely free to report in any fashion they chose.

The end result is what we see above. We have a news complex that takes huge offense at a President who lies, and who calls them liars. They then feel free to lie as they see fit, but cannot grasp why people are just as upset with them — as they ended up proving him correct. When liars tell us to condemn liars they are pointing at a mirror — whether or not Jim Acosta is using it at the moment.

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