Japan Is Only One Country Where the Lockdowns Suicide Rate Is Outpacing the Pandemic




When do we recognize the ‘’cure’’ may be worse than the ailment it is treating? 

In California Governor Gavin Newsom is contemplating extending his lockdown orders in his state to even more strident levels as the cases of Covid are growing. This reactionary totalitarianism defies many common sense realities, including the fact that his already oppressive control measures have only led to higher case loads in his state. 


But this call for tighter lockdowns ignores the mounting problems that have been created. I covered previously how the lockdowns have led to a rise in mortality concerning numerous other health issues. Whether it is foregoing doctor visits addressing serious health issues, avoiding emergency room visits, or missing out on tests diagnosing a serious condition, there are numbers showing a greater threat than Covid.

Now we are beginning to see more issues arising, as the mental health impact of the lockdowns is being seen. Reports are coming out of Japan that their suicide rate has spiked to a tremendous level as that country is in strong lockdown conditions. In the month of October the nation recorded over 2,100 people who had taken their own life. That monthly figure exceeds the total of all Covid deaths Japan has experienced this year, which numbers less than 2,000.

While the Center For Disease Control has been very up to date with U.S. records concerning the Covid pandemic, the suicide recording is lagging. However there are indications of the severity of the lockdowns on the national psyche. Start with the fact the CDC has recorded that over the past two decades the number of suicides in the U.S. has increased by 35%. The impacts of a lockdown — anxiety, isolation, unemployment, financial stress, etc. — are sure to raise that stress.


Suicide hotlines have been reported to see drastic increases in the amount of calls they are receiving this year. The CDC has looked into some of the evident problems that have been created, showing a rise in thoughts of suicide and other stress-related issues. Yet the politicians continue to want to enforce these drastic measures on a populace at the breaking point.

What is galling is how the media, which constantly badgers others about the need to follow healthcare experts, have all but ignored the doctors from their beloved World Health Organization who are coming forward to say that lockdowns are a bad idea. Yet despite the mounting evidence of the drastic effects on the population, the press and the politicians are steamrolling ahead with their insistence on stricter lockdown conditions.

The same people who decry others for ignoring the science and the medical experts.



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