Democrats Maintain Racial Bias by Declaring Minorities Voting for Trump Too Stupid to Know Better



Whenever minority members stray from the demanded alignment there must be a ‘’problem’’.

While this election has led to the fog-enshrined fiasco we had all anticipated there has been some good news to enjoy in some of the numbers. For one, the Never Trump crowd was completely repudiated. The group that  declared they would stifle Republican support of the man saw him receive 7 million more votes over 2016 with a HIGHER percentage of GOP votes. Also fun has been the hysterics from the left over the amount of minority votes Trump has enjoyed.


When the Democratic party looked over the election results they have not been met with expected returns. They did not take the Senate, they lost a number of seats in the house, and state legislatures have turned redder as well. When looking over the data the explanation for that minority support defies their emotion-laced logic. They spent years calling Trump an immigrant-hating xenophobe, how could he get more Latino votes?! After a year of Black Lives Matter protests how could his POC voting support grow?

The Democrats have an easy explanation: Those minority voters are stupid.

The first place we saw this messaging was in South Florida. Donald Trump made huge gains in this mostly deep blue county, and that was the result of significant Latino support. The Dems and the press had been fretting over this reality prior to the election, attributing the internal polling they saw to conspiracies the Trump campaign was drawing up in the market. They blamed Qanon misinformation confusing the Latinos, and smear tactics being broadcast on Spanish language radio, because these Cubans, you see, are so easily duped by such tactics.

Another explanation was that both Cubans and Venezuelans were being scared away from Biden with the mythology of him and Kamala Harris being socialists. This is a stunted read on things in two ways. Latinos do not need to be ”scared’’ away from a candidate based on what they were supposedly told. They hail from nations beset by that corrupted political system, so they can read the stitches on the curveball of statist policies being pitched at them. They do not need to be influenced over campfire stories, they see what is coming. 


Secondly, this claim of confounding Miami Latinos with socialist misinformation ignores how many Democrats in their primary were boldly touting how they were Democratic Socialists. When you put up candidates who push for government-run healthcare, stripping away private insurance, statist energy policies, and calling for nationalizing labor laws the GOP does not need to concoct socialist fantasies — all they needed to do was point.

Elsewhere there were those struggling to contend with Hispanic support for Trump, such as in Texas. Actor/activist John Leguizamo had plenty of similar degrading things to say about Hispanics. After repeating other canards about how easily duped the Florida contingent was he added the messaging, ‘’would freak some people out who don’t have media literacy, you know?’’ Yes, they are just too stupid and naive to see the truth, wwe suppose. As for Texas, how was that explained? 

There are Latin people that are Republican for whatever reason — self-hate or hyper-religious. It touches on some of the machoism too. It makes them feel, “We’re assimilated” — you know that weird thing that happens to immigrants sometimes: If they attack other immigrants then they look less immigrant? There’s a history here.

Then there was the issue of the black voters who also supported Trump in bigger numbers. As Jeff Charles covered here yesterday, Juan Williams addressed this issue in an op-ed at The Hill, and he too resorted to degrading his own race in regards to those who voted the ‘’wrong’’ way. ”Black gangsta rap lyrics have long had a fascination with big money, grabbing women, including porn stars, and Trump’s ‘La Vida Loca’ lifestyle.”


Amusingly Williams tapped into the real motivation for some, but then he failed to actually take a sip of the content.

Rapper 50 Cent said Trump’s racial antagonism was a secondary issue: ‘I don’t care [if] Trump doesn’t like Black people.’ The bigger issue, he said, is not wanting to pay higher taxes under Joe Biden,”

This indicates that maybe, Juan, the hysteria behind the racism was not as readily digested as matters of a more personal note. The employment rate for blacks and other social growth they had enjoyed possibly resonated more.

Singer John Legend also gave his social analysis. “Some people see the meanness, the bullying, the selfishness of Donald Trump and they mistake it for strength, a kind of twisted masculinity. Some see his greed and they mistake it for being good at business.” Sure, some just don’t get it. They are incapable of seeing the truth, we suppose. 

This is no different than what we heard from Hillary Clinton in 2016. In a couple of interviews she alluded to losing out on the female vote as a result of women doing what their husbands told them. She referred to them by describing, ‘’a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son — whoever — believes you should. I try to imagine feminists reacting had that been something suggested by, say, Tucker Carlsson.

It would be insulting and racist for whites and/or conservatives to suggest any of these characteristics apply to these voters, but minority leftists are free to weigh in on how backwards the people who do not follow party comportment with their votes. If they choose differently there is always a nefarious force behind it, and it requires an unsophisticated voter with character flaws to make them susceptible. It is insulting and diminishing, but it is also a losing gambit. 


Is the way to win back the minority voter, by calling them rubes, or ascribing other personal deficiencies being behind their decision to vote elsewhere? It is laughable to watch as Democrat party leaders grapple with these returns, all the while essentially saying, ‘’How do we get these ignorant people to come back to our side?!


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