Yes, It Is Florida: The Ex-Wife of Phil Collins has Taken Control of His Miami Beach Mansion With an Armed Militia

(JR Hott via AP)



Anywhere else this would be a huge story; in South Florida it is just another weekday…

Living down here in God’s psyche-ward waiting room known as Florida you sometimes forget that the occurrences we encounter on a regular basis are actually unique and newsworthy to other parts of the world.  (TRANSLATION-.any place north of the Jacksonville city limits). So, it took me a little bit of time to realize that word of a world famous musician with an unhinged ex-wife who was recently married by Elvis and then barricaded herself in a waterfront mansion with roving armed security personnel might be deemed interesting to others.

 DATELINE, Miami: Court documents filed in Miami-Dade County by lawyers on behalf of music star Phill Collins. The filing intends to get an injunction and eviction notice against his ex-wife, who has occupied the Miami Beach mansion owned by the former frontman of the rock group Genesis. Collins’ former spouse, Orianne Cevey, is squatting on the property, according to the filed tort, and things only unravel from there.

Collins met Cevey in Sweden and after years of courtship they married and had two sons. After a decade however they devolved into one of the infamous celebrity divorces, with Cevey coming away with a settlement approaching $50 million. After she remarried and re-divorced Collins and Cevey had reconciled and were living together in Miami. 

Then, this past August, she made a reputed business trip to Las Vegas and instead she broke up with the famous drummer via text message and married a musician from the Miami area. Following the intimate ceremony, officiated by an Elvis impersonator, the newlyweds returned to Miami and took up joint residence in the $33 million mansion. Collins is said to be furious about these new developments and seeks to have them evicted from the home.

Although she does own a $1.7 million home in Vegas the couple are hunkering down and refusing to vacate the Miami manse. Cevey has changed the locks and security codes, cut all the video feeds, and they hired an armed security force to patrol the property. Says the Miami Herald- The filing states. “An injunction is urgently needed to end an armed occupation and takeover of the Phil Collins home by his ex girlfriend and her new husband, the defendants in the action.”

The nearly 100 page court filing also states that Cevey is attempting to extort money from Collins, claiming there was a financial oral agreement between the former couple and that she is prepared to release compromisingly private details about the famous drummer. Lawyers for Collins are trying to get personal effects belonging to the musician, including valuables and unpublished music. Collins is also an avid collector of historical items from The Alamo, the stored artifacts said to be priced at $15 million dollars.

Elvis, armed guards, The Alamo, and the singer of ‘’Sussudio’’ — just another week here in the off-kilter sub-tropical nuthouse we call The Sunshine State.